My Childhood of Lies: A Woman’s Tale of Being Raised in a Cult

I’m incredibly proud of my partner who recently started her own blog about her childhood as part of the Jehovah’s Witness’, in order to raise awareness of the organisation and the power it holds over people. When she first confessed to me about her childhood it was hard not to cry, the person I loved had gone through so many years of what was essentially mental abuse. In the three plus years since we’ve known each other I’m amazed by how far she’s come, from being alone with no one to rely on or confide in to being surrounded by people that care for her. Going from seeing herself as a sinful liar who doesn’t deserve to be happy to someone with dreams and aspirations that would have never been possible before.

It’s hard for me to believe that I have such a wonderful person in my life and she impresses me everyday. Not many people in her situation would be willing to go against their family and what they’d been raised to believe, following their conscience and trying to make not only something of their life but to then help others. It takes a lot of confidence to put out information so personal in the hope that it will help someone in a situation like her own and to raise awareness of a misunderstood cult that takes advantage of the weak and ruins lives.

I’ll support her any way I can, so please give her blog a look for an interesting and informative read.

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